With This Replica Panerai PAM985, Mike Horn Takes You Go To Adventure

Today I will introduce a new Panerai replica watch to my watch friends. PAM985 is a professional diving watch, belonging to Panerai’s limited edition work, only 19 pieces are released. On the back cover of the personalized watch, there is a signature of Mike Horn and a pattern of marine life. The ocean is undoubtedly the natural paradise of the Panerai brand. This is a unique timepiece, created using an innovative manufacturing process. The case, crown bridge, bezel, and back cover are all made of Eco-Titanium ™ material, while its light and strong bracelet are made of recycled plastic.

Mike Horn has been a Panerai brand ambassador for 15 years as an outstanding explorer. He travels across the land and sea, through every corner of the inaccessible, deep into the extreme environment, rich experience makes him know our earth. Panerai created this new Submersible stealth series Mike Horn special edition watch for his brave and fearless brand ambassador, suitable for wearing on a challenging adventure. At the same time, this watch is refined with innovative resource recycling technology to protect the earth and the ocean.

This new replica Panerai 985 watch, three-dimensional digital bezel, sandwich dial, PET resin fiber cloth belt, the perfect combination of new and old iconic elements, breakthrough self. The thickness is reduced, and the resin fiber strap is comfortable to wear and does not appear bulky. This replica Panerai watch uses a classic sandwich dial. This sandwich structure is to ensure that users (originally naval soldiers) can read the time even in low light conditions.

The structure of the sandwich dial is simple, consisting of two overlapping dial surfaces. A large amount of luminous material is placed in the middle of the two-layer disk surface, and the luminescent material can also be placed in the engraved groove in the upper dial, which is the luminous layer. In this way, the light of the luminous material can be transmitted through the corresponding hollow time scales and numbers on the upper disc surface. The night light is bright and long-lasting, and it is also a two-color night light.

The logo of the new Panerai replica watch is suspended, and the words are visible. Using screen-printing technology, it is engraved on the sapphire crystal glass that protects the dial, so that it can be clearly distinguished regardless of normal light or under the water surface, and will not be blocked. This replica Panerai watch has a three-dimensional digital structure like the original. The appearance is brushed, which looks very flat. The matte effect in the groove of the outer ring adds a simple artistic sense to the whole watch.

This replica Panerai watch is also made of titanium. The material is the same as the genuine one, and the overall thickness is thinned. The overall appearance is full of craftsmanship, and it can be comparable to the authentic ones. The iconic crown bridge protection device on the side can protect the crown from damage caused by external impact. It is also made of EcoTitaniumTM environmentally friendly titanium metal. If you need to adjust the time, you need to open the bridge and pull out the crown to adjust to the calendar and minute hands.

Equipped with the latest version of the integrated movement, the pointer can be adjusted quickly, and the function is the same as the genuine one. The position of the balance wheel of the movement is the same as the genuine one, and the new movement developed by the latest technology is stable. The strap is made of resin fiber, with excellent workmanship and comfortable to wear. The strap material is the same as the particular material of genuine recycled PET resin.

The overall style of this replica Panerai watch continues the tough-guy style. The design of the watch is perfect! The appearance details are very close to the original authentic, and it is a perfect replica watch that will not choose the wrong one.