Month: November 2020

Panerai PAM382 Luminor Submersible Bronzo PAM 382 Replica Watch Detailed Review

The light green rust on the case, commonly known as “Patina,” is a unique oxidation trace of copper, and this watch is Panerai’s first bronze watch PAM00382. Such rusty traces of patina are the best appearance of this kind of bronze watch! Panerai bronze watches are trendy in the market, and the first generation of the watch is hard to find when it is officially released. Since then, any appearance in the secondary market will attract some scramble.

This replica Panerai is a unique watch. The whole watch is made of bronze, which looks vicissitudes and retro. A characteristic of the bronze material is that it will continue to oxidize after the baptism of time, forming a unique case texture. Therefore, each Panerai 382 is unique. And Its charm is here.

This replica Panerai watch uses sapphire material for its crystal and is exceptionally permeable. The outer ring is finely processed, and the polishing of the mouth and lugs is also in place. The black texture and imprint on the surface are the oxidation marks of bronze exposed to room temperature. The oxidation traces will become more and more uniform as time goes by. Therefore, the charm of the Panerai 382 replica watch is that the time length is, the more precious it is. Under normal wearing conditions, it will reach the perfect condition in half a year.

The dial’s workmanship is impeccable, the lettering on the dial is regular, and the luminous powder is filled without overflow. The movement uses an upgraded version of the P9000 movement, with the balance at 7 o’clock. The function is also fully synchronized with the genuine product, and the calendar can be adjusted by quickly adjusting the hour hand. This technology is very difficult to break, so this watch should be the best Panerai replica watch at present.

The structure of the lugs and crown is completely consistent with that of the counter and can reach the level of exchange with genuine products. The strap is made of imported cowhide with the same pin buckle and PANERAI lettering. Because the bottom cover often contacts the body, the bronze material is easy to cause allergies, so the same titanium metal material as the genuine one is used. At the same time, the bottom cover glass uses the same sapphire material as the mirror surface.

Everyone must know the workmanship of this replica Panerai watch, and the details are in place. Both the appearance and the actual function are the same as the genuine ones. If you also like the full-bodied bronze Panerai, then this replica Panerai watch must not be missed.