High-QualIty Panerai PAM00719 Replica Watch Detailed Evaluation

Today I will share with you a detailed evaluation of this Panerai PAM00719 replica watch. This is a replica watch made of titanium. It has a 47mm diameter and is equipped with the same p9001 integrated movement as PAM441. This is the best Panerai replica watch version on the watch replica market.

The diameter of this Panerai replica watch is 47mm, and the case is made of genuine materials, all of which are the same titanium material. The whole body of the watch is brushed and polished, which is very exquisite, and it is also equipped with a rotatable bezel. The luminous pearl at 12 o’clock has a super luminous coating. The color of the dial is midnight blue with rich levels, and the small second hand at 9 o’clock and the “POLE 2 POLE” at 6 o’clock are bright yellows.

The hollowed-out fluorescent hands and scale coating of this Panerai replica watches are very uniform, without overflow. The color of the disc surface is very bright, and it is in the form of particles after magnification. The workmanship of the entire Panerai replica watch is quite excellent. The watch mirror is a sapphire glass surface, the transparency is perfect, and there are double anti-glare coating treatment, scratch resistance, and wear resistance.

The crown of the side of this replica Panerai watch is also made of titanium. The classic large crown bridge design is engraved with R \ E \ G \ T \ M on the front. The depth of the lettering is the same as the authentic ones. At the same time, the bridge of the watch crown has the ability to protect the crown of the watch, and the lettering is also very clear. The crown can be wound and adjusted, the function is the same as the genuine one, the hour hand can be driven separately, and then the clock can be driven at the same time.

The bottom cover of this replica Panerai watch is also made of titanium, which perfectly restores the authenticity. The dense bottom design increases the water-resistance of the watch. The scale on the bottom is perfect, which makes the clock very high-end instantly. The lettering on the bottom cover is very clear. At the same time, the back cover of the watch has been treated with a delicate drawing process, and the drawing of the inner ring of the clock from the inside to the outside is very textured.

This Panerai replica watch is equipped with a self-developed p.9001 integrated movement. The timing function is all the same as the genuine one. The strap is made of natural rubber, which is very soft and comfortable to wear on the wrist. The strap is paired with a titanium pin buckle. The overall workmanship of this replica Panerai watch is excellent. However, this replica Panerai watch is larger and is not suitable for people with small wrists, so you must consider it when choosing.